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March 30

March 30th. 7:00pm

Asheville’s own Dave Carey recently passed away at 103 years of age! Dave was a National Champion Senior Tennis Player and an even more remarkable person, supporting the sport of tennis in Asheville and around the globe. The Asheville Premiere of the movie “Gold Balls” is in honor and memory of our friend Dave Carey.

"Gold Balls" is a documentary about 5 Senior Tennis players trying to win a National Championship and “Gold Ball” prize – some successful and others with little success. Hop in the van and join the entertaining odyssey that is the men’s “ultra” senior tennis circuit and meet some of the most endearingly grumpy athletes ever captured on film. 80 year old former attorney Ron has spent the last 15 years going after a Gold Ball to no success. Meanwhile, 81 year old former Big 10 basketball coach John collects Gold Balls like daisies in the field. Other competitors include first timer Marcus, founder of Black Tennis Magazine and George, a romantic former naval officer who’s always a top contender. Wise-cracking 94 year old Bob is just one Gold Ball away from the all-time record, but has been recently diagnosed with diabetes and doesn’t know how long he can continue competing. When Ron decides to travel to all four National Championships, he finds that becoming a champion requires more than he bargained for – with hilarious and heartwarming results.

More information about the film is available here- Film info

Join us on Thursday, March 30 at 7:00 pm at the Fine Arts Theatre for a special showing of "Gold Balls" in honor of NC Tennis Hall of Fame member Dave Carey - one of Asheville's best ever! Dave was nationally ranked #1 during his tennis career which extended into his late 90's, winning several National Championships, therefore collecting the Gold Ball prize. He loved being on the tennis court, and Court 6 at the Aston Park Tennis Center was dedicated in his honor in 2005. Dave was the poster child for the motto “Tennis is the Sport for a Lifetime”. We'll watch the 88 minute documentary which includes a few local tennis players, honor Dave with a few memories, and hear a brief update on tennis in our local community for all ages - join us to celebrate the sport and honor the player!

The evening is hosted by the Carey family, and all proceeds (per Dave's wishes) will benefit the Asheville Tennis Association, a 501c3 non-profit corporation whose mission is to grow and develop the sport of tennis in the Asheville area. All donations are tax deductible.

Tickets are $10 and available at the Fine Arts Theatre box office, or online here- Tickets

Additonal donations can be made to the Asheville Tennis Association (you'll still need a ticket for the film) here- Donations

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We are located in downtown Asheville, NC at 36 Biltmore Avenue next to Blue Spiral 1.

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